Acceleration & Implementation through Cohorts

Lonely at the Top? Let's Address That.


PEERS is a quarterly membership program surrounding you with other like-minded leaders through the following quarterly activities:

1. Quarterly Business Reviews

Review prior quarters, check alignment, identify upcoming priorities, select and resolve key issues and decide next steps. Typically held in ½ day sessions, often remotely.

2. Executive Coaching

Quarterly individual 1:1 coaching calls for CEO and COMPASS™ Executive Sponsor.

3. COMPASS™ Cohorts

Two cohorts (one for CEOs and the other for Executive Sponsors) hold meetings focused on a single topic, informing our collective work and connecting organizations with one another. Each cohort determines its own meeting length and frequency.

4. Quarterly Benchmarks

Written quarterly update on key performance indicators, best practices, wins and challenges from within the PEERS community



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What is COMPASS™?

PATHWAY is one of four components that make up the holistic journey known as COMPASS™. It provides teams with clear direction and predictability without sacrificing an organization’s need to be responsive, adaptable and innovative. Teams can choose a single component or embark on the holistic journey — whatever you choose, we facilitate and make it easy so your team continues to focus on your important work.


Meet the four components of COMPASS™:
Chart your organization’s North Star
Build intentional Leadership Culture
Document & implement scalable processes
Connect with other visionary leaders