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"I recently had the pleasure of working with Winston Faircloth from For the Love of Team, and I can confidently say that it was a transformative experience. The sessions were tailored specifically to my needs and goals, and Winston provided insightful guidance and support every step of the way.

Through his process, I gained a deeper understanding of my own leadership style and learned practical strategies for improving my communication, decision-making, and team management skills. Winston helped me identify blind spots and develop effective ways to overcome them, which has already had a positive impact on my work and personal life.

What sets Winston and his team apart is their holistic approach to leadership development. They do not just focus on improving technical skills, but also emphasize the importance of emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and mindfulness. These softer skills are crucial for effective leadership, and I appreciate that Winston recognizes this.

Overall, I highly recommend For the Love of Team to anyone looking to enhance their leadership skills and reach their full potential. Winston is highly knowledgeable, supportive, and genuinely invested in my success. I feel confident that the skills I gained through this experience will continue to serve me well in all aspects of my life."

Rodney Prunty

Rodney Prunty, President & CEO
United Way of North Central New Mexico

"I highly recommend Winston, a strategic advisor, and coach who has been instrumental in helping me navigate the challenges of running a successful Non-Profit. With his guidance, we have implemented effective strategies to achieve our goals.

Winston has a wealth of knowledge and experience in both Non-Profit and Profit organizations, and his insights and advice have been invaluable in shaping the direction of our Non-Profit. His approach is highly collaborative and personalized, and he has been a constant source of support and encouragement throughout the entire process.

I would not hesitate to recommend Winston to anyone looking to take their Non-Profit to the next level."

Michele Anderson
Michele Anderson, President & CEO
Austin Habitat for Humanity

"Winston has been an extraordinary benefit to our team and organization, leading us through an assessment and evaluation of our processes, work, and technology systems.

He came to our org. with a firm understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities that face United Way and the ability to help us navigate those systems and help us see clear “next steps” and a road forward.

This was extraordinary because we were so entrenched in the work, we had a difficult time making sense of our inefficiencies and problems in our systems, but due to his experience as a United Way CEO, he could give an objective perspective while understanding our work both historically and where we want to be for our next chapter."

Matt Ryerson
Matt Ryerson, President & CEO
United Way of Greater Knoxville