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One Surprising Addition to Your Team Job Descriptions


In this week’s podcast episode there were so many gold nuggets that Bobby Klinck and Katie Chase shared about building a team that exemplifies For Love of Team. 

Today, I’m highlighting something that we talked about that often gets overlooked. 

Both Bobby and Katie talked about the importance of hiring team members who are a good fit. And you’ve probably heard the adage: Hire for aptitude and train for skill. 

Here’s how Katie put it, “You're looking for alignment and core values...alignment and vision. And when you can get someone into that, where they adopt it as their own, you're going to have a winning team.”  

And when you have established your core values and clearly state them on a job description, you’re much more likely to attract and retain team members who desire to adopt the vision as their own.

Then you know you’re building For Love of Team. 

Have you identified your core values for your business? Do you use them to drive what you’re offering? Have you ever included them in your hiring process? 

I’d love to hear how you align your core values to your vision through your team. Text me (or leave a voice message) at my personal number 1-754-800-9461.

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