Are you ready to free yourself from the daily details to make a big impact?

You live to bring big ideas to life. You can visualize the path from current state to destination and develop strategic, actionable plans to make it happen. When challenges occur, you can quickly adapt and rally your team together to continue the journey. You are constantly thinking about “what ifs” and looking out for the welfare of your team and colleagues. Highly adaptable, your leadership serves as the voice of reason and resolution necessary to keep the momentum moving without going off the tracks. 


While you are skilled at rallying your team to adapt to change, it feels like things are always changing with inconsistent priorities. You can see so much opportunity for big impact and can identify strategic ways to make it happen - but with limited time and resources you are forced to live in the daily details. If this sounds like you, you are not alone - you are an innovative leader with a visionary CEO.


Thriving organizations require a COMPASS™, not just a plan.

Visionaries are anything but traditional, and the challenges you experience are a result of traditional strategic planning and goal setting. Plans like these are not built to accommodate unforeseen circumstances. Strategic plans are often seen as “events,” turning your visionary plans into a static document that lives on a shelf when priorities change. They require a heavy planning lift and leave little room for adaptability, resulting in a frustrated team who finds that the “bullseye” continues to shift.


COMPASS™ sets the course, leaving flexibility for teams to adjust their sails when the unexpected happens. It provides teams with clear direction and predictability without sacrificing an organization's need to be responsive, adaptable, and innovative. You can choose a single component or embark on the holistic journey - whatever you decide, we facilitate and make it easy so your team continues to focus on your important work.


Meet the four components of COMPASS™:

Chart your organization’s North Star
Build intentional Leadership Culture
Document & implement scalable processes
Connect with other visionary leaders