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Have You Counted...

Have You Counted...

Have You Counted the Cost of Your DIY Efforts in Your Business?


Maybe this sounds familiar:

  • Sleepless nights tossing and turning over the upcoming day/week ahead 
  • Multitasking while sitting on the couch, checking your phone, half-engaged with your family for a game night 
  • Hours upon hours researching/deciding/dreading the tasks in front of you
  • Feeling rushed just before hopping on a prospect call or a client call because you forgot X
  • Losing a sale because you weren’t prepared for the prospect call 
  • Regret that you’re no longer meeting your vision for client experience/expectations 
  • Half-assing your way through a business that was supposed to give you freedom 
  • You look in the mirror and begin to wonder whether you’d made a mistake 

What if there was another way to run your business? 

One that didn’t leave you scrambling at the last minute to complete those critical business tasks?

One that didn’t add more tasks to your plate but instead opened up breathing space?

One that finally delivers the time freedom you’ve been craving?

There is a different way. 

You hire a team member.

That doesn’t necessarily mean hiring a full-time employee. And it doesn’t mean that you need to come up with all the money up-front. And it doesn’t mean that you’re locked in with a team member that isn’t helping you meet your business goals. 

You could choose to hire a contractor for as little as 5 hours a month. And you could probably do that for as little as $10/hour (or even less if you’re hiring someone from overseas to help you virtually). 

What would freeing up 5 hours of your time mean to you? 

What if that meant you were prepared for your next sales call so you landed the project? Would that pay for the team member you just invested in?

Or what if making that investment meant you could finally get a good night’s sleep? Or turn your phone off and enjoy your family game night? Or give your clients the experience you planned?

Wouldn’t that feel great?

You can get started on your For Love of Team journey today. Reach out to me via email:  WIN@Winsightz.com with the Subject Line: FLOT Tracker. Or you can text me with the words FLOT Tracker @ 1-754-800-9461. Yes, that is my personal text number. I can give you that number because I’ve built a business I love. Supported by a team I love. Doing work they love.

And that’s something I wish for you to experience too. 

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