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Do You Need Your Own Professional Wrangler?


The podct episodeass with Bobby Klinck and Katie Chase were a fun conversation to record and share with you.

As we wrapped up our time together, they touched on the team dynamic that’s critical for businesses to have. 

Bobby was talking about his ability to do things in the moment and how Katie is the planner and those two things sometimes bump up against each other. But the mutual respect they’ve built allows them to each listen to each other and decide if this particular thing (whatever it is) needs to be planned or not. They seek out the other’s perspective before moving forward. 

Katie mentioned that sometimes Bobby’s ability to make things happen doesn’t take into account all the things the team is doing and she has to bring him back to the reality that some things need a plan. But Bobby’s instinct is typically good and, even if that means moving forward without a plan, that might be best. 

Being a “professional Bobby wrangler” is a key part of her job as the integrator. 

So when you get ready to hire for your team, you may be looking for a wrangler for yourself. By preparing today to have those hard conversations about why you can’t always just do what you want to do, you’ll be ready to build For Love of Team. 

I’d love to hear your biggest takeaways from the episode. Hit reply and let me know what you thought.

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