What is COMPASS™?
COMPASS™ is a holistic journey comprising four individual components: PATHWAY, PRACTICES, PLAYBOOK AND PEERS. PATHWAY focuses on organizational identity, PRACTICES reimagines leadership culture, PLAYBOOK optimizes key business processes and PEERS connects you to other like-minded leaders at the helm of innovative organizations. COMPASS™ is designed to be completed as one journey with each component building upon the last - however each component is a standalone service to address your organization’s unique needs. Learn more about COMPASS™ now.
What makes COMPASS™ unique?
Each component of COMPASS™ is designed to address common challenges experienced by innovative organizations led by visionary CEOs: organizational identity (PATHWAY), leadership culture (PRACTICES), scalable processes (PLAYBOOK), and the need for connections to other visionary leaders (PEERS). COMPASS™ follows the For Love of Team philosophy that the more we pour love into our team, the greater the client experience. Finally, we aim to meet you where you are and work with you to build solutions that work for you and your team.
Do I have to complete each of the four COMPASS™ components?
While COMPASS™ was designed as a holistic journey, we understand that each organization has unique needs and may not require every component. For this reason, each component has been designed to exist as a standalone offering. Contact us today for a free discovery session to identify which components are ideal for your unique needs.
Do I have to complete what is included in each component?
PATHWAY, PRACTICES, and PLAYBOOK each include a series of discovery sessions and workshops. Discovery sessions can take the form of interviews, listening sessions and surveys and aim to help us identify your current state and opportunities. Workshops can be held in-person or virtually at a frequency of your choosing. Contact us today to discuss your COMPASS™ journey.

Have other questions?
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