Define, Optimize and Document Key Processes

Are Inefficient Processes Hurting Your KPIs?

Imagine an athletic team taking the field. Players know their roles; they see the opponent. Arriving at the huddle, the quarterback brings everyone together – without a specific play to call.

“OK, go on two, break”. What happens next is every person for themselves, with the other team dominating. No plays, no playbook, no progress.

For many team members, this is their reality. We have defined roles, job descriptions, goals and objectives - however we leave the “how” up to our team’s best guesses. While every team member needs autonomy and creative freedom, the lack of documented processes and expectations can lead to frustration and inefficiency.


PLAYBOOK gives your team clarity so they know their exact next steps moving forward in a key business process. Together, we will define, optimize and document core business processes to create evergreen process maps for your team to use. Ideal for organizations experiencing specific challenges in building scalable business process functions.

What to expect with PLAYBOOK:

Your coach will introduce you to COMPASS™ and guide you through a series of modules designed to meet the following objectives:


1.  Identify Your PLAYBOOK Bundle

Select the business process you wish to develop a PLAYBOOK for. Below are examples of bundles we have done:

    • Resource Development and Fundraising
    • Third-Party Processing
    • Optimizing Your Tech Stack
    • Building a Team You Love
    • Custom - Pick up to four processes addressing your most pressing needs

2.  Take Inventory

We will map existing processes in a specific function through a series of discovery sessions. Areas for optimization will be identified to chart our path moving forward.


3.  Optimize Processes

Leveraging existing practices, best practices, team experience, and outside perspective, we optimize key business processes for increased efficiency using practical definitions.


4.  Document Key Processes

An infrastructure will be established to develop a culture of documentation and continuous improvement.


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What is COMPASS™?

PATHWAY is one of four components that make up the holistic journey known as COMPASS™. It provides teams with clear direction and predictability without sacrificing an organization’s need to be responsive, adaptable and innovative. Teams can choose a single component or embark on the holistic journey — whatever you choose, we facilitate and make it easy so your team continues to focus on your important work.


Meet the four components of COMPASS™:
Chart your organization’s North Star
Build intentional Leadership Culture
Document & implement scalable processes
Connect with other visionary leaders