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Lessons from 2,100...

Lessons from 2,100...

Lessons from 2,100 Days in Biz


August 15, 2015.  Day One.   

A few months before, I made the fateful decision to flee from the tech organization I founded after 15 incredible years.  

Perhaps it was the classic midlife crisis.

What I knew for sure was that I no longer had the passion needed to lead.  

My resignation that mid-February morning set in motion a set of events I could have never imagined.  

Fast forward to this week. Over the past 2100 days, I have experienced so many highs and lows in business.  

Breakthroughs and valleys.  Days on my knees with despair.  And the highs of seeing my clients gain insights and thrive.

Finding purpose.  Building right fit businesses. Attracting team members of their dreams.  Focusing on what really matters.  

Five plus years later, we are finally hitting our stride.  Three pivots and a corporate stint later. 

No marketer math (adding up multiple years of revenue to look bigger).  Less attention to vanity metrics like followers. 

Today, I lead a "Big Enough" business perfectly suited to my gifts, my desires and my life.

This morning, I'm enjoying sitting on the patio of my neighborhood Starbucks, living in paradise.  In grateful appreciation of where we are today. 

What advice would I give that new business flounder 2100 days ago? 

1) Ignore “influencers”

While there is much to be gained from learning from others, following their “proven formula” is a surefire path to frustration and depleted bank accounts.  Most testimonies we see on sales pages are unicorn outliers.  Your results may WILL vary.  Instead, unfollow.  Quiet yourself, trust your inner guidance.  Take only what fits and leave the rest.  Remember, formulas fail.   

2) Embrace mystery 

The least productive action I took over 2100 days? Developing an annual income plan with lofty financial goals. Yes -- setting goals helps prune, focus and act.  Yet, my most fruitful years came when I followed my flow, said yes to the unexpected.  Quantum leaps only became possible as I opened my hands to the unknown.  Saying YES to the unfolding mystery is way more fun than grinding to a goal.  

3) Leading with LOVE

In this season of life, I can now see how all of my experiences, trials, triumphs can be useful to others. For Love of Team ™ was birthed from a very painful experience 2100 days ago, as I experienced what it was like to love our product/clients way more than I loved our team.  Today, I understand that our desired client experience will never exceed the love we have for our team (mic drop).  

So, in a few brief words... the lessons?

Worry less.  Love more.  Trust deeply.  Surrender to mystery.  Enjoy this one brief life.  Watch the unfolding.  Only with Joy and ease.  

What will the next 2100 days bring?

Let’s find out together.  Text me: 1-754-800-9461

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