Why We Connect to...

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Why We Connect to Stories and How We Can Use Them in Our Business


Once upon a time….

Four words that have a big impact on each of us. Immediately we are drawn into the possibilities or the memories those words bring to mind.

We were created for stories. When we engage in a story, our brains actually play along and interpret our being INSIDE the story. 

But in business, we don’t typically talk about our story. We don’t analyze our business story. Sometimes we have a founder or leader who talks about the history and why the business formed. Rarely do we ever consider what data should be tracked to see if our business is telling the story we want it to.

In fact, sometimes we don’t even have a mechanism to collect the needed data to tell our story effectively. 

When we pause and are intentional about data collection and interpretation and we ask the team to identify observable/measurable data points that help describe the work - both the individual tasks and business as a whole - we can uncover where the bottlenecks are happening.

Tune into podcast Episode 084: UNLOCK Innovation to hear more about the importance of data storytelling and why it’s the first step to unlock innovation in your business.

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