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Love Him or Hate Him: Brady Shows How to Lead with Heart


I bet you don’t spend much time thinking about what you believe. For most of us, our beliefs are just part of who we are. Mostly developed in our childhood, our beliefs frame our perspective, our worldview, and what we do in the world.

President Theodore Roosevelt famously said, “Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” 

The Tampa Bay Bucs started their season off as the 6th most likely team to go to the Super Bowl. Those aren’t good odds that they’d make it there in February.

In fact, last year’s team had all the talent they needed but they didn’t have the mindset that they were a championship team. 

Enter Tom Brady. Brady brought something different to the team. Something critically different.

He brought a winning attitude and a BELIEF that they could be champions. He was already halfway to the Super Bowl because he believed the team could do it. And he encouraged everyone else on the team to believe it too.

Then Brady took it a step further. In the week before the Big Game, he sent daily text messages to his teammates reminding them that he believed they could win. His belief in himself, and in his teammates, made all the difference.

Do you believe that you can “win” at business? That you and your team are champions? Do you remind your team that you believe in them? That together you can achieve great things? 

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