Why You Need to Ask...

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Why you need to ask <this> and not <that>.



Who? Where? What? Why? When? and How?

The critical questions that need to be answered in almost every situation.

In our businesses, the WHERE is easy - Here!

And the WHEN is often easy too - Yesterday. Or ASAP. Or the deadline is tomorrow so we need to push through and get it done tonight.

But when it comes to the rest of the questions...business owners often default to the HOW. How are we going to do this? How is that going to get done? How can I do everything and keep everybody happy?

As we grow as leaders and start bringing team members onto our team, we MUST shift the main question that we ask.

We need to move away from the HOW and focus on the WHAT. What are we doing? What is our mission? What projects or goals do we need to accomplish this quarter? What delivers the most value to our clients or customers? What team members do we need to effectively move forward?

When leaders focus on the WHAT, they drive their business forward and they leave space for their team members to focus on the HOW.

A decisive, well-considered WHAT deserves a HOW managed by a gifted/capable WHO which has skills, abilities and desire to deliver the results you seek.

So, if leaders are responsible for the WHAT, team members are responsible for the HOW.  

A shared WHY is the bridge.

Giving you the answers to all those critical questions in your business. So you can multiply your income, impact, margin and freedom. 

I’d love to know from you which question do you find yourself focusing on? Hit Reply and let me know or send me a text at my personal number at 1-754-800-9461.

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