Making Hard Decisions...

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Making Hard Decisions in Your Business is Critical to Success


How much time do you spend doing work that is in your gifting? Or, to say it another way, in your Zone of Genius? Or when you are “in flow” and you look up and can’t believe how much time has slipped by?

If you’ve never considered that before...or maybe you’ve never even considered that more of your time COULD be spent doing that...listen to the recent For Love of Team Podcast episode.  

The episode walks you through 4 actionable steps from taking inventory of your activity to evaluating your skills and desires, then looking at the opportunities for collaboration and outsourcing and ending with counting the cost of doing everything yourself.

I want to direct your attention to the 3rd of those steps - deciding what tasks you do that are NOT your gifting and then looking at collaboration and outsourcing.

And, when it comes to collaboration, it’s easy to first consider the tasks that we’re not good at or the ones that we’re okay at but they take a LOT of time or energy to complete. And that makes sense. Those are the tasks we should outsource in some way. But they aren’t typically the ones that give our business the biggest ROI when we do it.

What really moves the needle in our business is when we look at the tasks we’re skilled at, those that we’re better than most at doing the work, but we don’t love the task. These may be things that used to energize you but don’t any longer or they may be tasks that you learned how to do well because it made sense for your business but they aren’t your area of gifting. 

These “excel” areas are the ones that have the biggest impact on your business when you collaborate with others who are gifted in these areas. They typically can do the work better and faster than you anyhow and it frees you up to do work in your gifting. 

That’s how For Love of Team leaders grow their businesses. They find the right people to do work in their own area of giftedness. Then the leader moves away from the areas they can do but that rob their business, their team, their customers, and even themselves of time and energy.  

It can be a hard decision but it’s one that is critical to sustained success as a business and to build For Love of Team.

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